Chris Campbell

I am a Hoosier, born and raised in LaPorte, Indiana. I arrived in West Lafayette in the fall of 1987 to study at Purdue University and stayed In the Lafayette area until 1992, when I finished my master’s degree in Audiology. After our first child was born, my husband and I returned to raise a family in this great community. We now have two children. Our oldest, Ian, is working on his master’s at Purdue, and our daughter, Beth, began her studies at Smith College this past fall. My husband of 28 years is Rob, a Scientific Programmer at Purdue University.


I work in Lafayette as an Audiologist. I also volunteer throughout our community. Over many years, I’ve gained valuable insight working in my children’s schools, joining community projects such as the Happy Hollow School and Cumberland Road redesigns, planning Globalfest, and helping out at the farmers’ market. I served on the West Lafayette Library Board. Working as the communication coordinator for my neighborhood, I advocate for community projects that bring people together. I also serve on the West Lafayette Redevelopment Commission.


I believe in public schools, living wages and affordable healthcare. I’ll make sure your vote will make your voice heard in Indianapolis.  I’ll make sure our voice is heard in the state legislature. Thank you for considering me for your vote. I promise to be committed, accessible, and responsible.



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