Election Day is November 6

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 Why should you vote for Chris Campbell?

  • Inclusion: I feel a productive government can only be successful if it includes its community. I want voters opinions to be heard and will make a point of trying not only to keep voters informed but to make sure their input is valued.
  • Transparency: Our tax dollars are important and limited. You should know where these dollars are going. Information should be easily accessible and as clear as possible so you know how tax dollars are spent in Wabash Township. I plan to make sure this happens.
  • Accessibility: Services of Wabash Township are and will be available to everyone, regardless race, color, religion, creed, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, ancestry, age, veteran status, or disability
  • Expansion of services and ideas: Tax dollars are limited but ideas and community can always come together to offer more and be more to their community. Are the needs of the community being met? Can we do more? Yes, there is always more that we can do, even when money is limited. I plan to find ways to make this happen. I wanted to work with other services in our community to make sure we can find ways to help the needs of those whose resources are low. Medications, warmth, clothing, food should never be a need that can't be met in a household.
  • Safety: The most important and largest part of the Wabash Township budget is that of the volunteer fire department. Are we doing all we can to make sure we have enough volunteers to support the safety, fire and health calls that the fire department is responsible for maintaining. Can we do more to support our volunteers? These are questions I will ask and make sure I can answer.

Thank you for considering me for your vote to Wabash Township Board. I promise that I will be a committed, accessible and responsible to my role as a Wabash Township Board member.