Update from the Redevelopment Commission

Update on New West Lafayette City Hall plans and West Lafayette Recreation Center:
I just came from a meeting with the city, with the Redevelopment Commission, which I currently serve as commissioner, Redevelopment Authority, Mayor Dennis, Development Manager and the City Attorney and the new Park’s Department head. To make a long list short city people, to discuss the future plans of the rec center and city hall. I had initially been a bit concerned about how this was all going to end up but left feeling a bit excited for our city! So all the plans for bonding should be finalized by the end of the year and building should start early next year. City Hall might move temporarily into the Happy Hollow school after the kids move out while construction begins on Morton Center. Since it has a gym and rooms for classes, this should be able to absorb the needs of Morton center while the new buildings are under construction. City Hall should be around $11 Million. The rec center, which will be a $34 million project, will also begin construction about the same time. Plans for the pool appear to be a zero entry warmer pool with about 3 lanes in about 4′ deep for some lap swimming, walking and water exercise. Three gyms with one being a multi-purpose for large space rental. Although, the whole cent,er will have rental space. Multiple meeting spaces with flexible room size capability and central meeting space for parents to wait while kids are doing programs. City Hall will have room for the different government departments to be back under one roof. It will have additional room space for rental. I believe Walla will remain with city hall. There will also be a pedestrian trail project that will link the two locations down Salisbury Street. There are plans for 3 soccer fields at Cumberland park. Additional parking will be added. The community gardens will be relocated to the space behind the high school sports fields between the fields and the natural preserve area, which is a larger space than currently and I think will be more accessible. They will be adding water lines out to it. The projects will be covered by the TIF funds of each district paid for until the expiration of the TIF districts in 2040

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