Update from the Redevelopment Commission

Update on New West Lafayette City Hall plans and West Lafayette Recreation Center:
I just came from a meeting with the city, with the Redevelopment Commission, which I currently serve as commissioner, Redevelopment Authority, Mayor Dennis, Development Manager and the City Attorney and the new Park’s Department head. To make a long list short city people, to discuss the future plans of the rec center and city hall. I had initially been a bit concerned about how this was all going to end up but left feeling a bit excited for our city! So all the plans for bonding should be finalized by the end of the year and building should start early next year. City Hall might move temporarily into the Happy Hollow school after the kids move out while construction begins on Morton Center. Since it has a gym and rooms for classes, this should be able to absorb the needs of Morton center while the new buildings are under construction. City Hall should be around $11 Million. The rec center, which will be a $34 million project, will also begin construction about the same time. Plans for the pool appear to be a zero entry warmer pool with about 3 lanes in about 4′ deep for some lap swimming, walking and water exercise. Three gyms with one being a multi-purpose for large space rental. Although, the whole cent,er will have rental space. Multiple meeting spaces with flexible room size capability and central meeting space for parents to wait while kids are doing programs. City Hall will have room for the different government departments to be back under one roof. It will have additional room space for rental. I believe Walla will remain with city hall. There will also be a pedestrian trail project that will link the two locations down Salisbury Street. There are plans for 3 soccer fields at Cumberland park. Additional parking will be added. The community gardens will be relocated to the space behind the high school sports fields between the fields and the natural preserve area, which is a larger space than currently and I think will be more accessible. They will be adding water lines out to it. The projects will be covered by the TIF funds of each district paid for until the expiration of the TIF districts in 2040

A New Day, A New Campaign

Ok, I know I haven’t updated this in a while, but surprise, now I am a candidate for the Indiana House of Representatives for District 26th. I was slated on June 27 by a room full of Precinct Chairs for District 26. Movement for the appointment of candidate was made by Sonya Margerum, our former West Lafayette Mayor of West Lafayette, and seconded by Sheila Klinker with a unanimous roomful of ayes to accept and a single nay by the young toddler of an audience member, followed by a giggle. I am thrilled to be the candidate for district 26 and look forward to meeting as many our wonderful residents as I can before and after the election.

Saturday April 28th

Wow, it has been an excited day. I began my morning at the Annual Wabash Township Breakfast where I met a lot of wonderful people in the community. I got to talk to a few voters. Followed by about 2 and a half hours of canvassing. Elizabeth Tran and I went along Henderson Road in Bar Barry Heights and we were joined by Michael Oxenrider along Cumbderland road as we went down Linda Lane Road in the adjoining neighborhood. After lunch, my husband and son Ian headed over the Payless Grocery store to cast our votes for the 2018 Democratic Primary Elections. It was crazy to see my name on the ballet. Although, we only have one contested race on the Democratic Primary which is the Congressional seat, I felt it was an important race.

I voted!

Another Day of Canvassing

Well, if I missed you at home last weekend I left my card. Feel free to send me any questions, comments or funny jokes. Elizabeth Tran who is also running for Wabash Township Board, along with Lisa Dullum who is running for Tippecanoe County Council District 4 candidate, joined me for a fun filled two hours of covering about 2 streets in Bar Barry Heights in West Lafayette. I think I am going to have to work a lot hard if I am going to try to go to every house in Wabash Township prior to the November general election. The main message I want to relay to people is to get out and vote! Early elections have begun in Tippecanoe County. Voting locations can be found online. Click here for locations!

Primary Elections Day will be May 8 from 6 AM to 6 PM
Click here to find a Vote Center Location

First Day of Canvassing

My first day of canvassing was the Day of Action for the Democrats this past Saturday. We met Senator Joe Donnelly at Tippecanoe head quarters, located at 826 Main Street in Lafayette. He gave us an inspiring launch and reminded us he was working for Hoosiers back in Washington.
I went with the two other candidates for Wabash Township Board, Michael Oxenrider and Elizabeth Tran to the Blackbird Farms neighborhood. We got to meet a couple of the neighbors who live there. One woman told the story of her husbands experience with Donald Trump. Her husband was a professional construction contractor and waited for an appointment to meet with him for a bid offer for a project. Donald strolled in late for the appointment. The gentleman sternly told him he was late. The respond from Donald Trump was simply that he was Donald Trump, as that should be enough to excuse his tardiness. Not impressed by the stardom or unprofessional behavior the contractor walked out of their meeting before it began. We expressed our shared disappointments of our current elected president and continued on our journey to the next homes. Most people weren’t home but that discussion reminded me why it is important to fight back for our country even at the lower levels of our government. Our next meeting was a young paster of a local church and his adorable little girl who had just awoken from a long afternoon nap. The day was sunny and cool. I’m sure we will come back to the neighbors of Blackbird Farms and hopefully, meet a few more of our neighbors there.